Drug and Alcohol Findings

By | août 14, 2015

From Germany the first trial to rigorously test high doses of the muscle relaxant baclofen for the treatment of dependent drinking found post-detoxification drinking reductions of a magnitude rarely seen; safety issues remain, but it seems these can be managed with close monitoring and individualised dosing. Summary In the USA and Europe few medications have […]

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The use of very high-doses of baclofen for the treatment of alcohol-dependence: a case series

By | octobre 11, 2014

Dr Renaud de Beaurepaire – Groupe Hospitalier Paul-Guiraud, Villejuif, France – Frontiers in Psychiatry – 10 ocotobre 2014 Baclofen, particularly high-dose baclofen, has recently emerged as a treatment of major interest for alcohol-dependence. However, baclofen has many potentially dangerous side effects, and the maximal dose of baclofen that may be used is a matter of […]

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Baclofène : un médicament qui « guérit » l’alcoolisme…

By | août 23, 2013

MÉDECINE juin 2013 – Renaud de Beaurepaire L’alcoolisme, une maladie toxique mortelle   La compulsion irrésistible à boire est la caractéristique première de ce que l’on appelle la dépendance : une personne dépendante est piégée dans un besoin absolu de prendre la substance dont elle est dépendante, de façon obsessionnelle, et aucun raisonnement, aucun environnement, […]

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High-dose baclofen for treatment-resistant alcohol dependence

By | mars 11, 2012

Pastor A, Jones DM, Currie J. – J Clin Psychopharmacol. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2012 Feb 23. From the Department of Addiction Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. ABSTRACT: Alcohol dependence is associated with a wide array of physical and psychiatric complications and is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Recent randomized trials of […]

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Baclofen suppresses motivation to consume alcohol in rats – 06/2002

By | février 24, 2012

Psychopharmacology (2003) 167:221–224 – Giancarlo Colombo · Giovanni Vacca · Salvatore Serra · Giuliana Brunetti · Mauro A. M. Carai · Gian Luigi Gessa Objectives: The present study investigated the effect of baclofen on the appetitive, rather than consummatory, aspects of alcohol ingestion in sP rats. Methods: Rats were trained to lever-press for oral alcohol […]

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