Dear Editor,

The paper by Addolorato et al. (2011) attributes to me and to Dr William Bucknam a hypothesis that neither of us has advanced. Addolorato et al. write:

« However, anecdotal reports have hypothesized the ability of high doses of baclofen (up to 140 and 270 mg/day) to reduce alcohol craving and consumption ( Ameisen, 2005a; Bucknam, 2007) ».

My 2005 paper and Bucknam’s (2007) paper expressly advance a very different hypothesis, that baclofen at higher doses can suppress, …

Cet article est une réponse à l’article publié par Addolorato et ses collégues :

Baclofene, baclofen, alcoolisme, craving, traitement de l’alcoolisme,le dernier verre,Olivier ameisen